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How to Start Planning Your First Heart Centered Retreat

Congrats, You’re thinking of holding a retreat! They can be SO powerful. You’ve got a unique opportunity to fast track results and create meaningful community. Retreats can:

  • Accelerate learning
  • Offer immediate integration
  • Establish new habits
  • Create a community of like-minded souls offering mutual support around your program
  • Form meaningful connection both with your clients and between your clients offering loyalty and repeat customers

That all sounds great, but what the heck is involved? Yes, there are moving parts, and it’s do-able, especially when you break it down step-by-step.

“Sure, that all sounds great, I know my stuff, I love working with people…. but I don’t know the first about planning a retreat. It feels so overwhelming.”

Is this what you’re thinking? I’ve got your back.

You’re my people. This is your tribe.

Here is where you’ll find authenticity, clarity, and concrete tools.

We’re in this together, now let’s get started!

Heidi Low here to support you
Heidi Low

Hi, I’m Heidi!

I remember hearing the crunch of tires on the driveway as attendees were closing the distance on the final few feet to their retreat house. I wasn’t excited, I was scared, thinking,

“What the heck have you gotten yourself into Heidi? You’ve got these people for a week!”

Ten years ago I quit my job, the one I’d worked really hard for, to follow my true passion and purpose – hosting retreats for bereaved parents.

I’d never been to a retreat, much less organized and run one.

What I did know was I had tools that could change lives, and a vision for an experience I wanted to offer other bereaved parents like me.

So I took the courage steps one at a time that eventually brought me to that driveway.

It turns out, as parents drove away at the end of the retreat, the week had gone well. Within a month, there were 45 people on a waiting list for the next retreat.

15+ retreats and 10 year later, I’m here for you sharing all I’ve learned, the things that work, the timelines, the many things to consider and how I make each decision with every retreat. Because each retreat is unique, never a cookie cutter of the one before.

I’m the original guinea pig for every tool and resource I share with you 😉.

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