Where’s Your Gas Tank?

Happy Aloha Friday,
Are you feeling the exhaustion I’ve been talking about the last couple of days? This is it! Take time this weekend for REST and self care. And maybe you aren’t feeling tired, overwhelmed, or like you really need a rest.  Well, do yourself a favor and do it anyway 🙂  Why?

Let’s talk about your car.  It has a gas tank.  You take it to the gas station and fill it up. You keep an eye on the gas gauge.  Some people fill it as soon as it hits half a tank. Some rely on the gas light to go on and swing by the station as soon as it lights up.  Others like to play a game of chicken and tempt fate seeing how low they can go before refilling.

As long as you get gas before you hit empty your car continues on doing what it’s supposed to do…getting you from place to place.  But, if you don’t pay attention you could end up on the side of the road needing a gas can to get you to the closest station for a real fill up.

Don’t let yourself run out of emotional gas!  The longer you go before filling up, the more time/energy you’ll need to invest in refilling your tank.  So, even if you aren’t running on fumes it’s always good to take the time to refill 🙂

Make rest and self care part of life and emotional car will keep going.

Peace and aloha,

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