Embrace the Setback

You can be going along in your daily life, working through your grief and sadness as it comes up.  For the most part life is beginning to feel like normal life.  And then it happens, something triggers you.  Maybe it’s a random comment or something you see or maybe it’s just an overwhelming wave of sadness that knocks you over. Besides dealing with the emotions that come with it you also start to question if you really are as far a long as you thought. You wonder if you’ll get back to the place you thought you were.  You get discouraged because you thought these moments of being brought to your knees were over.

Rest assured, this is part of the process.  The grief of losing a child is so overwhelming we can’t handle and process it all at once.  I’ve learned to celebrate these “setbacks” because they aren’t really setbacks at all.  What it is, is you’ve cleared the closet out enough to now grapple with a new and deeper truth of your pain and anguish.  It may feel like a repeat, but if you have the courage to dig in I bet you discover you’re finding another piece you hadn’t already cleared out.  And while it hurts like hell, can feel quite discouraging, and like a step backwards it’s actually a step in the right direction.  It IS growth even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Tell me, what most recently triggered you or brought you to your knees?

Peace and aloha,

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