Can You Marvel?

Losing a child brings a grief and pain unlike any other.  It decimates you, your family, your work, your life as you know it. Whether you want it to or not it, re-calibrates everything in your life both externally and internally. With this upheaval surrounding you it’s easy and natural to feel lost, untethered and questioning everything large and small.

Everyone’s grief journey is their own and each has its own timeline, but I think it’s safe to say everyone experiences the above (whether they consciously acknowledge it or not). And then over time we begin to see changes and shifts in ourselves.  Some of them not so hot and some of them good, very good.

We have a new sense of empathy and compassion for hurting people. We have a new found tolerance for what matters and what really doesn’t in life.  We discover a strength to go on living that we wouldn’t have imagined possible.  These are just a few of the positive things we can acquire from deep grief and pain.  Some of these we consciously work to cultivate and others come naturally as a direct result of our experiences.  Regardless of how they’ve come they are evidence of our growth.  And where there is growth, there is life.

Today take a few minutes to really examine yourself and look for those shoots of green, of new growth, and be proud of them.  Be proud of how you’ve used something so horrific to continue to grow you into a fuller expression of the amazing person you are meant to be.
Peace and aloha,

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