Changing My Average Day

A friend of mine, Sarah Reilly put up a great post on Facebook this morning that made me think about my day, each of my days. It started with a reminder that…we don’t attract what we want, but what we are. I agree whole heartedly. What she said next challenged me and got me in my chair here typing to you. What exactly did she say?

“So ask yourself…if you were successful in your chosen career, thriving in your life’s purpose…what would your day look like?” Great exercise! Fortunately most of what I do wouldn’t change.  For me the one thing I want to grow the most in is writing.  And yet, oddly that’s what I resist the most.  So here I sit writing, if for no other reason than to put into practice the life I really want to live.

What would you be doing differently if you were living the best life you could dream for yourself? Why aren’t you already putting into practice?  Are you like me, and finding yourself resisting doing what you most want to? If so, why…

For me, it’s something I’ve secretly always wanted to do and be good and successful at, so to actually do it and face the possibility that I’m not good would kill a long held dream.  But if it remains just a dream without ever seeing the light of day, it’s effectively being killed through starvation.  So I encourage you today to make one bold step and feed that thing you want in your best life. And if you really want to hold yourself to it, tell someone else 🙂
Peace and aloha,

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