Slowing Down to Speed Up

It’s holiday time….and there are ALL sorts of things I could and probably will cover about this magical and/or miserable, expectation loaded time.  But today I want to talk about the pace.  We’re told this is a time to slow down, enjoy our friends and family. Bask in the traditions you observe.  But in reality is that what we do?  Sure, we may turn on the Hallmark Channel and watch movie after movie, but are we slowing down while we do it? Or are you busily cleaning for the holiday party you’re hosting, wrapping gifts for the next gift exchange, ordering gifts online to whittle down that shopping list, or maybe in the kitchen baking?

Sure, all of these parties, gatherings, gift exchanges, dinners, and other things bring people together. They solidify family traditions and promote an attitude of gratitude and giving. But in the busy ness of the season, do you feel like your feet never really hit the ground?  Like you quickly lose touch with yourself, what you really want to be doing, and your natural rhythm and pace in life. I totally get it…sometimes there are seasons in our lives that just are busier.  But please, don’t let that become your norm.

There is such a sweetness in slowing down.  In creating space in your day, your week, your life to just be, to allow your mind the stillness, the quietness and the space to mourn, to vent, to honor the negative feelings you carry, and also to wander, to think outside the box, to be inspired.  When you actually take time to acknowledge and honor the negative it sets the wheels in motion to healing them.  And to allow room for inspiration, creativity, your special genius I know you have.

You’ve got inspiration, creativity and ideas in you.  You may not know it, but even if they are buried down deep inside…everyone has them.  Your creativity may look nothing like mine. Your creativity may be all creative crafts and coloring or it may be seeing how your friend can get out of the pickle she’s in.  My point is we ALL have these gems inside of us, unique to each of us.  Do you believe me?  The better question is, do you believe in yourself?

If you don’t, I suspect it may be because you’ve never really given yourself permission to allow your imagination to run wild.  Or you place a negative value judgment on the worth of your ideas. Schedule time to let yourself be, to allow your mind to wander unfiltered and observe what seeds of an idea, an activity, a plan make your heart beat just a little faster. The more time and space and slowing down you give yourself, the more opportunity you give your creative genius hidden inside room to grow.

I’ve found when I give myself the time to be, to allow my creative juices to flow, the rest of my life speeds up.  The opportunities speed up, the ideas come more quickly, even the mundane work I need to do seems to get done more quickly with less hassle.

And back to the holidays…when you give yourself some time to breath, to relax and re-calibrate you’re actually giving everyone around you a gift, because I guarantee you, you’ll be a happier, more centered and present version of yourself 🙂


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