Getting Comfortable

Grief can be a sneaky thing. It can crop up when we least expect it, and sometimes when it’s most inconvenient. Before wading knee deep in it, I figured it makes sense to get as comfortable as we can with an uncomfortable topic. Knowing you have tools at the ready can help as you navigate through your days. To kick off this series, I’ll share a couple things I’ve found worked for me.

  • If you start to feel that overwhelm, tension, or trigger take a deep breath and stick out your stomach, and count slowly to ten. This should relax your body
  • If you notice you’ve got the monkey brain going on where your thoughts are on overdrive, shift your focus from your head to your heart. This should move your energy from thinking to feeling
  • When an uncomfortable thought comes up, simply observe it instead of engaging with it.

Also, as I write through all these topics I invite you to read with an open mind and heart. It’s so easy to default into analyzing and assessing what we are reading thinking, “Do I agree, do I disagree? Does this fit for me and my experience?” and miss part of what’s been written. I know I do it all the time. And yes! I absolutely want you to do that. I just ask that you do it AFTER you’ve read the complete article. Then please do take the time to process it and ask those questions. Afterwards take only what works for you and leave the rest. I’m not here to persuade you, but rather to offer anything that might help you in your journey. If it doesn’t help, leave it. It won’t hurt my feelings.

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