Define Living Life Fully

The magic began on a hot July afternoon. My text alert pinged, “This is it, you won’t be hearing from me for several months.” It was from a friend with whom we’d both tossed around the notion of leaving our careers to follow some crazy dream. He didn’t go anywhere, but his text sent my imagination to another world.

His message created an overwhelming sense of envy in me. Enough to motivate me to question what I was jealous of, what was I picturing for myself had I been the one to send the text instead of him? I let go of all barriers, real or imagined, allowing a vision for my life if I had it all my way to unfold. To me living life fully looked like living on a tropical island running my own thing. The specific thing I ran lacked clarity, however the sense of ownership, freedom, creativity and fun were palpable.

The vision and feelings behind it came easily. But only because I’d already done a bunch of the foundational work. Without realizing it, over the last couple years of listening to my soul’s discontent and giving my imagination ample room to play I’d not only turned the soil I’d planted some seeds. Sure, I’d discarded each of the specific ideas and eventually thrown my hands up in frustration because I didn’t catch any vision that truly moved me. But here’s the thing…patience and surrender were the key ingredients I’d overlooked. I’d done the tilling and the planting; then when I least expected it the seeds began to sprout.   This is why I so readily jumped into giving my imagination full reign AND saw something I might actually pursue.

Can you give yourself permission to explore what your life would look like if you had it all your way? Next time we’ll talk about barriers, so for today can you leave them behind and define what living life fully looks like for you.

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This is the nineteenth installment in a series of articles based on, “Good Grief – Embracing Life and Giving Good Support” a talk I gave on May 22, 2019. You can get caught up by starting with the introductory article here.

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