Keep Your Tank Filled

I breathe a sigh of relief when I get to the building portion of creating something in my life. The dreaming is fun and full of possibility, but also sometimes confusing and overwhelming. The assessment of barriers and removing of them is downright hard. The actual building is one of the more rewarding stages where progress is tangible.

I’ve built out a vision in several ways. I’ve sprinted relying on the inspiration, excitement, and energy that come from knowing I’m on the right path. I’ve also been on the longer more measured marathon.

I used to feel energized, running into the fray ready and willing to build, then after a flurry of activity crash. In the crash I’d look around bewildered wondering where my inspiration and energy had gone. Why had they left me? I’d get down on myself, which in turn drained me further. Sound familiar?

It was such a relief when I saw the simple answer. My tank of energy had been depleted. The trick was learning what filled and depleted my tank and honoring rather than fighting it. What fills and depletes your tank?

Nowdays keeping my tank topped off, not allowing it to hit empty is a game changer. Knowing what keeps me on top of my game, and what depletes my energy makes a tremendous difference in how I prioritize my time and activities. Predictably, I often say yes to the things that fill my tank. Sometimes I still say yes to tank drainers, but I do it consciously. I choose those activities knowing the cost, with a plan to refill. I set parameters to minimize the amount drawn from me. I’ve also learned to say no to other things with conviction, protecting my energy reserves for the things that are top priority for me.

What in your life is worth protecting?

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