Your Road Map

Now that you’ve dreamed up what your best life looks like it’s time to map the trail to it. Can you take a straight shot or do you need to pick up some things along the way? Will the car you’ve got get you there or do you need four-wheel drive to get where you want to go? Without thinking through those things it easy to either never start because the trip seems too intimidating or to get lost in the unknowns and unexpecteds along the way.

Moving forward without a plan wasn’t really an option for me, because my dream meant some radical changes, like 2,500 miles of radical change. It took several stages, each full of more planning and preparing. With each step forward I stumbled upon new discoveries and terrain. My dream gained more clarity as I traveled down the road. So I must be saying the old adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” must be right? In a lot of ways, yes I think this is true. And….

There also needs to be room for following your gut and taking advantage of cool opportunities presenting themselves along the way.  I made plans and I left space for course changes. For example, once I knew for sure I was committed to this whole move to a tropical island business I created a timeline for myself. By having it, I had specific benchmarks and progress which made it much more likely I’d follow through. These included selling my house by the end of the year, renting a house for the next year and a half while saving money, working two legislative sessions, then moving the following June. It made perfect sense. And I ended up moving six months earlier than planned. For a whole host of reasons I can now see, I am SO grateful I was flexible enough to follow my gut in changing the timeline.

When I started the journey to living the life I really wanted I didn’t have all the details sorted out. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew enough to make a plan and get moving. The rest sorted itself out along the way as I kept my head, heart, eyes and ears open and responsive.

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This is the final installment in a series of articles based on, “Good Grief – Embracing Life and Giving Good Support” a talk I gave on May 22, 2019. You can get caught up by starting with the introductory article here.

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