What’s the Message?

You’ve decided to be present and get in touch with your emotions. You actually know how you are feeling. The problem is, what you’re feeling isn’t welcome. It isn’t all hearts and flowers. Now what?

Can you learn from what you’re presently feeling? What are your emotions trying to tell you?

This is the beautiful (and sometimes uncomfortable) thing about being present. By tuning into how you feel now, you can start the process of moving into where you want to be.

Humor me a moment and let me take you back to the hot July afternoon on my patio that changed my life. I was in touch with my feelings, and they weren’t good. I’d worked so hard and long over the years to shed my pain, hurt, and anguish from all the loss in my life.  And here I was in my seemingly ‘good’ life feeling jealousy and restlessness, which led me to frustration. Instead of running from those emotions I sat with them, asking them what they were trying to tell me.   What they told me gave me the opportunity to change my life forever.

The restlessness and frustration that took up nearly constant residence at some level in my being stemmed from a deep inner knowing I wasn’t living the life that best suited me.  It wasn’t a life that gave me the room to flourish in my own way and own skin.

I was jealous because I envisioned my friend leaving to follow his dream. What was my dream? I dreamt of living on a tropical island doing my thing.

Hmmmm Okay, well that wasn’t in my present moment.   I had another choice, continue to dream about that island life while living in landlocked Boise or bring the present to the dream born from jealousy, restless, and frustration. Next time I’ll start walking through the process of using the present to create a better future.

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