Slowing Down to Stay at Top Speed

Life comes in a variety of speeds.

I tend to cycle through periods of a slower, more contemplative place where I don’t feel incredibly inspired or motivated. These are the times I am keenly aware of my energy tanks sensing they are low which translates into investing considerable time filling them. I establish daily practices that steadily build me up.

Then comes the momentum. I feel the inspiration and motivation. I’ve got several things demanding my attention and I’m enjoying each and every one of them. I’ve shifted from first gear through to fifth in quick succession, without much time to pause or reflect as I’ve been shifting up.

What now? I’m cruising in fifth gear. It’s a good steady speed – I’m getting somewhere, but I’m also able to look around. Sometimes I simply enjoy the ride, getting downright cocky thinking it’ll last forever. Then I run out of gas and have to repeat the cycle.

But I’m finding another way. Instead of getting stuck in the perpetual frenzy of gearing up, once I’ve hit fifth gear I get back to the basics. Sure, I enjoy the ride but I’m also sticking to those daily practices that gave me the energy to arrive here. I may not feel the need quite so vividly, but I remember those days and I like these better. So even though it takes more discipline to avoid being distracted by all that’s going on, for my long term stamina and sanity I’m slowing down enough to keep my tanks full.

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