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I bought my first journal in the fifth grade. It sported a red cloth cover with white hearts on it. The inside held the deep ponderings of a pre-teen, oh and a lot about boys too ;). Journaling was my safe space to process my day, my struggles, and my emotions.

Close to forty years later I’m still journaling. Now the content reads a little lighter in the boy department and heavier on the deep pondering. It’s the place I go to memorialize the thoughts I can’t quite shake…because if I write them down, they’re captured and I no longer have to keep thinking them. It’s where I go to work through how I feel about something. And the most fun is capturing the lessons I’ve learned and the tools I’m currently using in life.

Having a prompt can help get the creative juices flowing. So for those of you who enjoy journaling or want to give it try, I’ve created a section on this site dedicated to journal prompts and the things I’m journaling about.

Writing versus Typing

Sometimes people would rather type than write. And of course, whatever works for you is awesome. You can call me old fashioned, but I still do it the old school way with pen and paper. I like it because it forces me to slow down. I engage both my brain and my body in a more stimulating and effective way. In fact, it’s been shown the act of writing by hand increases the brain’s motor cortex in a way that’s similar to meditation, which can feel therapeutic and help with mindfulness.

Today’s Journal Prompt:

“If I had it all my way, Thanksgiving this year would look like….”

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