Post- Holiday Hangover

Thanksgiving Hangover

We just made it through quite possibly the most stressful Thanksgiving ever! No matter how you celebrated, or didn’t celebrate – can we all agree this year was different? Whether you were able to gather with friends or family or stayed isolated, the circumstances of the pandemic lent a new layer of considerations to the festivities, or lack thereof. Not to mention the wine and spiked apple cider ;). Even after a great day, I felt a hangover of sorts. The build up, all the time with people, and the niggling concern of unfullfilled expectations take energy.

How did you make it through? Are you exhausted? Exhausted from the cooking, prepping, the socializing or from the being alone, trying to power through or simply making it through? Are you still buzzing from the great day you had? I have no cure for the wine and cider, but I do have a practice for the emotional hangover.

Whatever your experience, I invite you to set aside five minutes to take in all of it and process it. Here’s a relatively quick way I do it.

Journaling Prompt

Breath in deeply for a count of three, hold your breath for a count of three and breath out for a count of three. Repeat several times feeling your feet firmly on the ground. Relax your muscles from head to toe. If you have a journal, now would be the time to pull it out :). Ask yourself:

Where was I holding tension? What caused it? Can I release it?

What was the low point of my Thanksgiving Day? What was the high point of my Thanksgiving Day? Is there something I am grateful for in the day?

Taking those few moments to get grounded and listen to yourself may not have cured every type of Thanksgiving hangover ;), but it can set you up for a new start today.

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