Finding Joy After Loss

The Loss as a Catalyst virtual course starts today and I’m so excited to share the concepts and tools that have helped me and many others find joy from loss. Over the next six weeks I’ll walk you through different concepts and tools I used in my own grief journey and then over the past five years with groups of people. We’ll step through Honoring the Past, Living in the Moment, and finally Embracing the Future. Tomorrow we’ll begin with Setting Your Intention for the course.

Are you ready?

Recommended supplies: journal, candle, adult coloring book, colored pens/pencils.

Prior to digging into each exercise I suggest you take some time, as little as 5-10 minutes, to pull out some coloring, a puzzle, or other craft project to ease the transition into this time of reflection. You may want to change into something comfy like cozy sweats or even pajamas 😉 and have a warm cup of tea and settle into the place you feel safest and most comfortable in your home. Each new concept will be introduced over one or two days through pictures, text and/or video. Then a downloadble pdf with the exercise will be given. You can also access materials all in one place here. And if you have friends you think would like this course please share!

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