Telling Your Story

Ugh! We as a society in general struggle with the topic of grief.  People are fearful.  Those who are grieving are afraid they will drive others away with their own grief, and those who want to be supportive are afraid  they will say the wrong thing to those who are grieving. 

Unfortunately this struggle can make it difficult to find ways to talk about your loved one.  It can even leave you feeling alone and unheard.  

You want to talk about your loved one.  You want people to know your experience and validate it.  I can’t promise that, but what I can do is give you a chance to remember him/her.  

Stories – telling them and listening to them have been an important part of the human experience for thousands of years.  We learn about ourselves as we craft our own story. Likewise, we glean encouragement, guidance, and sense of community when we listen to others’. 

This exercise will give you the opportunity to start crafting your story and create a safe way to share it. Watch a short video here for more on creating connection.

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