The Power of Presence

I’ve been writing every morning, yet it’s felt a bit all over the place so haven’t posted it. This morning once I got grounded and tuned in asking, “What am I to express today?” I was reminded of what came up yesterday and spoke so powerfully to me. It was something I wanted to refine in my working hours. Instead I’ll work on it now. The message is this…

Be present wherever it is you are. Your power is in your presence. Be present. Take in all that you can in every situation in every moment. If the moment is too much to take in, remove yourself.  When you are truly present you’ll sense what isn’t resonating or even toxicity immediately and remove yourself before it damages you. It’s when you tune these things out in order to power through or conform that you end up in a damaging situation later. So while it feels more dangerous to keep your heart open and your senses tuned, it’s actually much safer than placing the armor on.

When you feel the need to go into a situation or relationship with armor, why do you feel that way? Is it because it’s habit, it’s just something you’ve had to do all your life?  If that’s the case, try taking it off piece by piece.  Like attracts like. When you go in all armored up that’s what others are going to do as well. And when the armor is on it’s easier to jab because you both feel protected and ready to fight in the ring. If you come in open and expecting the best with good heart and intention BUT also knowing and loving yourself, you challenge the other to meet you where you’re at energetically. 

If others don’t meet you on the same plane, you quickly sense it and make choices accordingly.  And it isn’t about changing them or the dynamic. It’s about accepting where they are, the situation and choosing the highest good for yourself. Stay soft, stay receptive, stay open. Just choose differently when you run into something that doesn’t vibe.

What about the situations where you can’t walk away or choose differently? My immediate answer is you can always choose differently. But what about if it’s family or your job?  I’ve walked away and chosen differently on both counts. I’ve stayed too long, I’ve walked away at just the right time. I’ve run over red flags and I’ve responded to red flags. The current situations in your life with toxicity are lessons and you can learn by navigating through them serving your highest good. 

The notion I’m speaking to is more broadly about entering each new fresh situation. The more you do it, the more you filter out red flag situations from ever entering your space. Additionally, as you show up in a toxic situation from this new unarmored, loving yourself place you can choose to step away from the conversation, you can place boundaries and parameters in a loving way about how people can show up in your sphere. And there are some you can choose to completely walk away from. 

You are teaching yourself how to teach others how you need to be treated. And some won’t. So you’re teaching yourself you’d rather be in quietness without toxicity than in company with it. And there is a certain level of learning. None of us are perfect. We’re here to grow and learn so this isn’t in any way to say you walk away from anyone who isn’t perfect or treat you perfectly. It’s to say you keep your feelers open to what is really working for you and what isn’t.

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