Feeling the Feelings vs. Focusing on Positivity

Feelings vs. Positivity

Imagine this. you’re about to watch an epic boxing match. ( I know, I know, I don’t like boxing either) The first contender winds his way through the crowds. You’re immediately taken in by his chiseled features, natural glow, and general good vibe. As he climbs into his corner, you know you’re definitely rooting for this guy!

The energy of the crowd shifts, you immediately see why. The other competitor has entered the ring. He’s shrouded in a robe, but you can tell he’s huge and obviously worse for the wear…he’s clearly taken the hard hits of other fights. He just looks and feels ominous, like a dark cloud surrounds him.

It’s time for the fight! Your golden boy Positivity is probably gonna get his clock cleaned by Feelings. You want Positivity to win, you hear it’s the only way to get what you want, to feel good, but damn it Feelings sure is large and looming, and did I mention powerful?

What if we’re looking at this all wrong?

What if Positivity is actually Love? Instead of fighting one another for space in the ring, could Love hold space for Feelings? Could Love witness Feelings and let him do his thing, let him voice all the deep, dark and ugly – no matter how negative? Could Love have compassion and listen to what Feelings wants to say?

I don’t know about you, but for me, the fear of feeling the feelings is actually worse than the feeling of them. When I witness them with Love and compassion they tend to setttle down.

Isn’t the authenticity of acknowledging, witnessing and holding space for Feelings with Love actually the clearest, cleanest, most real victory for genuine Positivity?
– Deep thoughts from Heidi 😄

P.S. Does giving Feeling space feels daunting? You want safe ways to feel the feelings, check out the Living in the Moment course

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