No Bad Parts

No bad parts

Love, love, LOVE this book – more than the book, it’s the premise behind it. It weaves itself into both my daily life and the activities and tools I offer.

We often find that the harder we try to get rid of emotions and thoughts, the stronger they become.

richard c. schwartz, phd

Key Concepts:

We all have our core Self – the essence of “calm, clarity, compassion, and connectedness”, it can’t “be damaged,.. doesn’t need to be developed and possess its own wisdom”. There are other parts of ourselves that serve various roles internally and externally. And when these parts of us take over the show, instead of shaming, guilting, or supressing them we get curious – we dig into what needs to be heard and healed.

Why I like it:

While the concepts are somewhat complex to grasp, Schwartz explains them well, providing examples then offers exercises for the reader to get to know their own various parts, working with them in constructive ways. He also gives case studies, tells stories, and next steps.

Where I use it:

Life! Seriously, the concepts and practices are things I call on almost every day. When I notice I’m getting into my analytical side arguing opposing sides, or feeling particularly strongly about something I try to step back, observe, and listen to each part – what it’s trying to tell me, thinks I need to know, and what it needs from me.

Besides that, its premise that we have different parts of ourselves that serve different functions and each need compassionate witnessing is interwoven into many of the exercises and activities in the Honoring Your Past – Embracing Your Future bundle trio.

My biggest takeaway:

Definitely worth the read! Schwartz goes into so much more depth about the different types of parts i.e. protector, firefighter, Self. He provides many exercises where you can get to know your parts, access your highest Self, and manage triggers.

Above is a link to purchase the book through a great site that supports the local bookstore of your choice when you purchase your books online through their non-profit site.  And the books are available in variety of formats including audibly. Here’s an amazon link for the digital version.

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