Dear Gabby – IFS


I don’t catch all of her episodes, but the Dear Gabby podcast is in my line up of podcasts and I’ve been introduced to some great practitioners through it. I’m featuring this particular episode because Dr. Richard Schwartz, the author of the book I’ve posted my thoughts on in my book blog, has an in depth discussion with host Gabby Bernstein.

You’ll hear more about Dr. Schwartz’s background and how he developed Internal Family Systems (IFS). The bottom line is, when people feel safe and relaxed they can step into the more embodied, centered, and compassionate part of themselves. Their discussion includes describing what exactly IFS is, how it works and helps in a variety ways – including triggers and addiction. Gabby shares how it’s impacted her life and in a subsequent episode Dr. Schwartz does some IFS work with Gabby for listeners to witness.

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