Moving On Doesn’t Mean Letting Go


“My sister’s neighbor’s friend just lost _______________. Do you have any advice?” Sound familiar 🙋🏼? Seems like once you’ve had big loss in your life people tend to seek you out. Sometimes you’ve got the space and desire to help and sometimes you don’t. And that’s okay! I’m the same way.

Either way, here’s my new “go to” – recommend Moving On Doesn’t Mean Letting Go by Gina Moffa LCSW.

Only you know the depth of your attachment and, subsequently, your grief…By disregarding our grief, we prolong and magnify its impact on our health, well-being, and relationships.

ginna moffa lcsw

Key Concepts:

It’s such an accessible, compassionate book inclusive of all kinds of loss – offering gentle yet honestly firm concrete tools for the early days of navigating loss. She covers both the inner journey and navigating the outside world with grief by your side. Moffa normalizes a range of experiences and feelings through vulnerably sharing her own grief and that of some of her clients fielding various kinds of loss.

Why I like it:

Her book feels like a cozy warm blanket, but also challenging in the best way possible. It’s in the ways that can actually help the grieving move through the parts that hurt so much.

Where I use it:

The next time I’m asked for advice, I’ll be suggesting they go ahead and buy this book for the grieving person. Even if they aren’t ready for it right away, having a resource, sitting close by on that night they wake up desperate in the middle of the night will be a lifesaver.

Above is a link to purchase the book through a great site that supports the local bookstore of your choice when you purchase your books online through their non-profit site.  And the books are available in variety of formats including audibly. Here’s an amazon link for the digital version.

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