5 Tips to Fill Your Cup

fill your cup

I made a commitment to show up in people’s inbox weekly. I did it this week, but it took me a hot minute (or 30😳), so I want to get real and chat about the ebbs and flows, the times you need your cup filled, that inevitably show up in life.

If you follow me on Instagram, it probably comes as no surprise, for the last month or two, creativity and inspiration have been mine for the taking at every turn. SO many ideas, so little time. Which one to act on first?!? The rush of it feels intoxicating.

Then there’s today…. I’m sitting at my computer typing this, not because I feel particularly inspired, but because I’m committed.

When you’re on the wave, feeling the groove and things seem to be “clicking” it feels SO good! You start to wonder why you ever struggled so much before. You get a lot done, you’re making good connections with the people in your life and sometimes you’re even feeling inspired to do big things.

Then the wave ends. You’re at a decision point, do you stop and take some time to rest and fill your cup or do you have enough in you to paddle back out and wait for another sweet ride?

There is no universal right answer, only the right answer for you at that moment. Is it a moment of internal resistance to leveling up that you push through, or is it time for rest and rejuvenation?

Either way, there WILL be another time to paddle out and catch another wave, because the reward is so worth it!

In the meantime, what do you do when you struggle with being stuck in the ebb, the resting and recuperating part, and how do you get the momentum to get back out there?

Here are 5 tips to fill your cup:

  • Observe what in your life most drains you. Find a way to eliminate or at least minimize it.
  • Notice what you were doing when you last felt really alive and filled up. Can you do that again or make baby steps towards it?
  • If you’ve been in rest mode awhile, take a baby step towards flow.  Set aside 5 minutes a day to be pro-active. (Today I set my timer for 30 to write – and this is what came out of it 😉)
  • If you’re in an ebb and it feels debilitating, examine that. What is keeping you down?  Have you accepted and embraced the yuck you’re feeling?  If not, try it!
  • Last, but not least…. the most obvious, do you already have a “go to” that fills you up? If so, find a way to tap into it.

I’m here with you, whether you’re feeling the flow or struggling in an ebb and need to fill your cup. Want in on those weekly emails filled with tips, tools, reflections, and insider info? Say Yes please! here.

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