Falling Apart of Falling Into Place

Even if we’ve never met in person, here are 2 things I suspect I know about you…

First, you’ve felt deep pain. Second, you crave more pleasure (even if you’re just barely admitting it to yourself).

For so long after my daughter Alison died and my whole life basically blew up in my face, I felt throbbing pain in every part of being. And on the edges of that I also yearned for its contrast – pleasure.

I tried so many things hoping they’d bring me pleasure. It wasn’t until I gave myself permission to feel pleasure that any of those “things” made a difference.  

Because it was an inside job all along.

After shouldering the weight of deep loss it’s easy to think “they” will judge you if you find pleasure in life, you judge you for feeling a glimmer of pleasure. Purpose might be okay, but not pleasure.

I’m going to say something that might feel wrong….Your true purpose should also feel pleasurable.

And at some point you’ve had enough and you’re ready to move through hell and high water to capture that feeling of pleasure.

You’re my people and it’s a journey much easier traveled with other like- minded folks. That’s why I’m launching a podcast this Fall! (Click on the picture to listen to the 2 min trailer). We’ll talk about how to invite pleasure into our daily lives – while still honoring the pain, be inspired by others who may be just one or two steps ahead in their journey, and rally around each other as we take the courageous steps to contribute to the greater whole from a place of pleasure. 

Since this is for you (and me – I want the community too 🙋) tell me:

Who do YOU want to hear from?

What topics would YOU like covered?

Do YOU want to participate in an episode?

Drop a comment and let me know, I’m looking forward to hearing from you! And if you haven’t already, you can say yes! sign me up for my newsletter – it’s where you can be part of this whole podcast process and receive weekly updates, tips, etc.

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