Messy Connection

messy connection

The sense of connection has been on my mind a lot recently. More particularly authentic deep connection where you feel truly seen and accepted in your entirety – the good and the messy.

It’s a tricky thing, because it’s in the hard times we feel our most messy, and also need connection the most. The tendency can be to shy away until we feel more presentable and put together AND the truest sense of connection that brings nurturing, healing, and solace comes when we can be in the messy and feel the being not alone in it.

When someone comes alongside you simply witnessing your pain and your vulnerability, loving on you in the messiness is quite possibly the most soothing, peace creating part of connection.

When you feel safe enough to drop into your messiness and vulnerability, it is only from this space the “work” of creating pleasure and purpose in your life can begin in earnest.

If you are fortunate enough to have a someone you feel safe being messy with forward this to them with a ❤️!

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