The Text that Changed it All

dream retreat

Relaxing on my back patio one lazy hot July afternoon my text alert pinged, “That’s it, I’m outta here!” read the message from Ed, my close friend and colleague. Immediate jealousy coursed through me.

Because it was from Ed, it carried a context. We’d encouraged each other’s fantasies around the notion of leaving our careers in politics to follow some crazy dream. He didn’t end up going anywhere, but his text sent my imagination to another world.

After eight years of growing through my grief from the death of my daughter Alison, and allowing it to refine me, I was literally living the best life I’d thought possible. I’d built a great career, bought a house on my own, enjoyed a fun circle of friends, and sat in the best financial position ever. But…Ed’s text created an overwhelming sense of envy in me. In that moment, I let go of all barriers real or imagined, and allowed myself to dream up what I’d be doing if I’d been the one bouncing out.

It turns out my fantasy life looked like kicking it on a tropical island, putting my passions to good use. I may have still been physically sitting on my back patio in Boise Idaho but I felt like I’d landed in the tropics doing something that made my heart skip a beat with excitement.

It was from those moments a new life for myself was born. A life of holding retreats for other bereaved parents like me. Taking all the tools and lessons I’d learned over the past 8 years, I wanted to offer them to others in a loving and safe environment.

Since you’re here reading with me, I’m guessing YOU gone through hard things. YOU have grown and acquired tools and lessons yourself. I’m also guessing YOU have something to offer others like yourself.

How have you taken your pain and hard won lessons and shared them with others?

If like me, you’ve had a glimmer of a thought that bringing like minded folks together in a magical space removed from every day life, but can’t quite picture how it would look I created these quick exercises just for you to dream your ideal retreat! You can download them here.

Happy dreaming!

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