Test Drive Your Dreams

test drive your dreams -retreat ideas

Walking down an alley I couldn’t help but peer into a well lit open garage full with 4 race cars. I’m sure they’re beautiful specimens of engineering – if you’re a gear head (which I’m not 😂).

But, you know what I AM into? You living out our your life full of pleasure and purpose – fulfilling your dreams.

And your dreams are a lot like those racecars. They can sit parked looking pretty in the garage of your heart and soul. They’re not doing what they’re built to do OR….

They can be taken out for a spin.

And I get it, your dreams hurtling at the speed of a racecar revving at full throttle might not actually sound dreamy.

So how about you just turn the engine on, inch it out of the driveway and make a small decision – like do you want to turn left or right to go around the block?

If your dream includes hosting a retreat – whether it’s one day or a week, for your closest girlfriends or your whole client base, here’s a FREE tool to help guide the drive. It’s based on exactly what I did before launching my first retreat over ten years ago.

Holding space for your dreams,


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