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With Love, Your Future Self

The fantastic resource Grieve Leave, a community of thousands where people talk about their losses of many kinds featured a blog post of mine. In it you’ll read a letter where my current self shares her hard won wisdom with my desperate younger self at one of her lowest points almost 20 years ago.

 Dear Heidi,

I remember just how deep your heartbreak and anguish feels right now. I know that every day you replay the minutes and hours after getting the call that our precious daughter stopped breathing at pre-school, and the day she breathed her last breath in our arms three months later. Those memories will always remain in my heart. You’ll drive across two states hoping to drive away from feeling, from being you. You’ll cry in the middle of a concert on New Year’s Eve because Alison isn’t there.  But I’m here to tell you, 20 years later, you no longer carry the agony. In fact, I’m here offering you hope.

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The Journey to ‘Ohana

Portland Mercury’s True Parent Magazine published an article I wrote reflecting on my journey through grief to the creation of ‘Ohana Oasis.

In 2013, I founded ’Ohana Oasis—a non-profit organization that provides weeklong retreats for parents who have experienced the death of a child. And as you may have already guessed, my child died too. Her name was Alison Belle, and I lost her to a brain tumor at the age of five. I absolutely adored being Alison’s mom. I realize all parents say this about their children, but many people adored my Alison as well; there was just something special and captivating about her…

Six parents took part in the first Ohana Oasis retreat. (Photo: Postcard Moments/Ohana Oasis)

Boise, Idaho NBC affiliate, KTVB featured ‘Ohana Oasis after the first retreat in 2015

BOISE – Heidi Low knows the pain of losing a child all too well. Her little girl, Alison, died after a courageous battle against a brain tumor when she was just 5 years old.

11 years later, the former Boisean is helping other grieving parents heal in the most picturesque of settings – a Hawaiian oasis.

“You never get over the loss of a child, it’s devastating, a parent expects their child to outlive them,” said Heidi.

Pictured above: Six parents took part in the first Ohana Oasis retreat. (Photo: Postcard Moments/Ohana Oasis)

Ohana Oasis readies retreat to once again help parents through loss of a child

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