Bereaved Parents

The death of your child. It’s the hardest thing you’ll face. Living with it doesn’t come with a manual. But you’ll find the tools right here.

Heidi Low studying

You’ve gone through hell and you want it to change you – for the better.  

If you have to go through something so freaking heart wrenching, you want to do the work, to show up for yourself and your world in a new, transformed way.  

You suspect there’s light and a better life at the end of the tunnel. You just aren’t sure how to get there…  

I got you. I’ve been there. I’ve tried so, SO, so many things – from the run of the mill therapy to the woo woo energy work.  

There is no one size fits all, but I’ve found tools and resources that help you discover YOU. That lead you to your own answers.  

And that’s what I’m here for – to empower you with your own toolbox you can use, for the rest of your life.

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3 Steps to Feeling More Peace Today

You want to move forward with a genuine smile of happiness. And you probably also want ways to:

  • Talk about your deceased child the same way others talk about their living kids
  • Bring him/her into your life today
  • Know what’s working and what’s not in coping with your child’s death
  • Manage uncomfortable emotions and memories popping up at inconvenient times gracefully

  • Truly believe your loss is valid – no matter if your child was 4 hours or 40 years old
  • Meaningfully connect with family quickly and easily
  • Live guilt free with peace, sadness, and happiness (sometimes all at once)
  • Discover who you are today
  • Paint a vivid picture of how you want your tomorrow to look

If this is you, I have ways to help. Start with the video below.

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3 Steps to Feeling More Peace Today

Watch this quick (3.5 min) video and download a pdf to learn 3 steps and 6 tools that’ll shift your day.

Hi, I’m Heidi!

Sitting in the passenger seat of our Durango, I held my 5 year-old daughter Alison as she breathed her last breath 20 years ago.

Life altering, absolutely. But I didn’t want Alison’s death defining me, or my life. As an introvert and someone who did her grieving privately and quietly, support groups and in-person events weren’t my jam.

I read and researched like crazy for eight years, trying everything from therapy to energy healing. Most didn’t directly relate to grief. I focused on growth, using my pain to push me towards something good or even lots of good somethings.

One summer afternoon sitting on my patio, I pictured offering all the tools I gained to other parents who felt like me.

Ten years ago ‘Ohana Oasis, a non-profit serving parents nationwide with weeklong retreats, sprang from that dream. The curriculum I created used the tools I’d found valuable. They’ve transformed lives.

Now I’m here making them accessible for parents who either can’t or don’t want to participate in a retreat with other parents.

I get you. I see you.
My heart and love go out to you,

P.S. I promise you this…I’ve used EVERY single tool I share with you. I don’t offer something unless it’s worked for me.


“We learned we could move from grieving Caleb to honoring him. We’re at a loss to express how much it helped us. We were going through the motions and living disconnected, from each other, our children, our hurt, everything. Thank you for helping and guiding us on our path to spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.”


“This has been a true catalyst in my life. This ‘grief work’ is a life changer, it’s made such an impact in my life. My friends & fam have noticed huge changes in me – I don’t miss my son any less but feel that I am able to honor my Justin in a way that brings me joy & hope rather than drowning in the pain of my loss.”


“The exercises focusing on aspects of grieving, healing…learning there can still be joy. It’s not only ‘okay’ to feel joy, but it’s ‘RIGHT’ to feel joy. It doesn’t mean we no longer miss our child or their memory isn’t important, but there is still life for us and we should live it to its fullest.”


You want to remember who you are and why you’re here…
but the death of a child changes a person.

The death of your child is the hardest thing you’ll face – and it doesn’t have to crush you forever.

I know, I walked the same road.

I searched for tangible tools to honor my grief and my daughter, but would also got me moving to the next step. After trying SO so many things…and keeping track of what worked for me, I integrated them into retreats for other bereaved parents. The process of self-discovery has made a difference with other parents over the last ten years. Now those tools are available online, in the comfort of your own home.

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