Welcome to my blog! Sharing my thoughts and tools I’ve used to live life in a full and meaningful way, making room for joy, purpose, and truly living.

Holidays – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Let’s face it – the holidays are not always “the most wonderful time of the year”. They can be stressful for everyone. We’ve got societal, family, and our own unmet expectations we’re balancing.

On top of all of that, even though it’s been almost 20 years since my daughter Alison died, I still also carry…

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Test Drive Your Dreams

Walking down an alley I couldn’t help but peer into a well lit open garage full with 4 race cars. I’m sure they’re beautiful specimens of engineering – if you’re a gear head (which I’m not 😂).

But, you know what I AM into? You living out our your life full of pleasure and purpose…

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Washing Windows or Baking

Naomi, a dear friend of mine was making a decent living washing windows – she was great at what she did and people loved her heart wherever she showed up. That’s all to say, she was doing well in business, so much so, she was at a crossroads. Did she continue on as an employee…

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Hi, I’m Heidi!

Ten years ago I quit my job, the one I’d worked really hard for, to follow my true passion and purpose – hosting retreats for bereaved parents.

I’d never been to a retreat, much less organized and run one.

What I did know was I had tools that could change lives, and a vision for an experience I wanted to offer other bereaved parents like me.

So I took the courage steps one at a time that eventually brought me to that driveway.

15+ retreats and 10 year later, I’m here for you sharing all I’ve learned, the things that work, the timelines, the many things to consider and how I make each decision with every retreat. Because each retreat is unique, never a cookie cutter of the one before.

Join me in my journey!


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