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Looking for new books & podcasts to check out? Here’s what I’m listening to and reading that’s made me think, brought new insight, and/or inspired the tools I personally use and offer others. Click below to receive all new posts straight to your inbox.

The Art of Gathering

Parker’s ideas challenged me to think about how I plan times with my friends as well as re-energize how I facilitate groups.

Moving On Doesn’t Mean Letting Go

It’s such an accessible, compassionate book inclusive of all kinds of loss offering gentle yet honestly firm concrete tools for the early days of navigating loss. She covers both the inner journey and navigating the outside world with grief by your side. Moffa normalizes a range of experiences and feelings through vulnerably sharing her own…

No Bad Parts

Love, love, LOVE this book – more than the book, it’s the premise behind it. It weaves itself into both my daily life and the activities and tools I offer.

Dear Gabby podcast with Dr. Richard Schwartz, PhD

Dear Gabby – IFS

You’ll hear more about Dr. Schwartz’s background and how he developed Internal Family Systems (IFS). The bottom line is, when people feel safe and relaxed they can step into the more embodied, centered, and compassionate part of themselves,

Dear Gabby podcast with Dr. Richard Schwartz, PhD

We Can Do Hard Things

Being overly prepared can be shiny and admired or you can simply show up wholeheartedly which, can mean being real and loved.I also learned a new word…mid

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