Washing Windows or Baking

Naomi, a dear friend of mine was making a decent living washing windows – she was great at what she did and people loved her heart wherever she showed up. That’s all to say, she was doing well in business, so much so, she was at a crossroads. Did she continue on as an employeeContinue reading “Washing Windows or Baking”

Coping with Child Loss

I remember just how deep your heartbreak and anguish feels right now. I know that every day you replay the minutes and hours after getting the call that our precious daughter stopped breathing at pre-school, and the day she breathed her last breath in our arms three months later. Those memories will always remain in my heart.  

What’s Your Why?

You got through and maybe even enjoyed Halloween this past weekend. Yay! And in case you missed it, we also have an election coming up tomorrow. Oh and a pandemic that’s changed how we do life. So much going on that’s stirring up so much in ourselves and friction in families, friends, communities, and theContinue reading “What’s Your Why?”

Future Dreaming vs. Daydreaming

Here you sit in the present moment in touch with your reality, and it’s not exactly what you really want or what feels good…. So what now? Start dreaming of your future! That can be an extremely scary thing to do when you’ve already lost so much.  There are no guarantees the future won’t alsoContinue reading “Future Dreaming vs. Daydreaming”