Messy Connection

The sense of connection has been on my mind a lot recently. More particularly authentic deep connection where you feel truly seen and accepted in your entirety – the good and the messy.

It’s a tricky thing, because it’s in the hard times we feel our most messy, and also need connection the most. The tendency can be to shy away until we feel more presentable and put together AND the truest sense of connection that brings nurturing, healing, and solace comes when we can be in the messy and feel the being not alone in it.

Moving On Doesn’t Mean Letting Go

It’s such an accessible, compassionate book inclusive of all kinds of loss offering gentle yet honestly firm concrete tools for the early days of navigating loss. She covers both the inner journey and navigating the outside world with grief by your side. Moffa normalizes a range of experiences and feelings through vulnerably sharing her own grief and that of some of her clients fielding various kinds of loss.

Tearing Up in the Waiting Room

Can I tell you a story about how I’m still growing and using the tools even after 20 years?

Feeling the tears welling up in my eyes, I had a choice. I could stuff them down, ignoring what they were telling me, and power through like I had so many times before. Or I could accept that even after 20 years I found myself triggered in a public and inconvenient moment.

Feeling the Feelings vs. Focusing on Positivity

Imagine this. you’re about to watch an epic boxing match. ( I know, I know, I don’t like boxing either) The first contender winds his way through the crowds. You’re immediately taken in by his chiseled features, natural glow, and general good vibe. As he climbs into his corner, you know you’re definitely rooting for this guy!

The energy of the crowd shifts, you immediately see why. The other competitor has entered the ring. He’s shrouded in a robe, but you can tell he’s huge and obviously worse for the wear…he’s clearly taken the hard hits of other fights. He just looks and feels ominous, like a dark cloud surrounds him.

The Power of Intention

I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to get lazy with life, making unconscious choices. It’s easy to slip from one day to the next. I get tired or bored so a Saturday winds up full of binging on popcorn and Netflix instead of getting on the water taking in the elementsContinue reading “The Power of Intention”