5 Tips to Fill Your Cup

I made a commitment to show up in people’s inbox weekly. I did it this week, but it took me a hot minute (or 30😳), so I want to get real and chat about the ebbs and flows, the times you need your cup filled, that inevitably show up in life. If you follow me on Instagram, itContinue reading “5 Tips to Fill Your Cup”

Tearing Up in the Waiting Room

Can I tell you a story about how I’m still growing and using the tools even after 20 years?

Feeling the tears welling up in my eyes, I had a choice. I could stuff them down, ignoring what they were telling me, and power through like I had so many times before. Or I could accept that even after 20 years I found myself triggered in a public and inconvenient moment.

Feeling the Feelings vs. Focusing on Positivity

Imagine this. you’re about to watch an epic boxing match. ( I know, I know, I don’t like boxing either) The first contender winds his way through the crowds. You’re immediately taken in by his chiseled features, natural glow, and general good vibe. As he climbs into his corner, you know you’re definitely rooting for this guy!

The energy of the crowd shifts, you immediately see why. The other competitor has entered the ring. He’s shrouded in a robe, but you can tell he’s huge and obviously worse for the wear…he’s clearly taken the hard hits of other fights. He just looks and feels ominous, like a dark cloud surrounds him.

Coping with Child Loss

I remember just how deep your heartbreak and anguish feels right now. I know that every day you replay the minutes and hours after getting the call that our precious daughter stopped breathing at pre-school, and the day she breathed her last breath in our arms three months later. Those memories will always remain in my heart.  

The ABC’s of Anxiety

Have you ever had the perfect storm of situations in life colliding to the point where your whole body feels tense, your stomach tied in perpetual knots? You know that feeling of a shot of adrenaline coursing through your body when you have when you almost get in a car accident? Has your body felt that way and you couldn’t not feel it? On top of that, your mind circles around the same thing over and over and over. You can look at it and reason through it from every which angle. The only thing you can’t do is let it go and be at peace with it. (Ahem…anxiety anyone?)