5 Tips to Fill Your Cup

I made a commitment to show up in people’s inbox weekly. I did it this week, but it took me a hot minute (or 30😳), so I want to get real and chat about the ebbs and flows, the times you need your cup filled, that inevitably show up in life. If you follow me on Instagram, itContinue reading “5 Tips to Fill Your Cup”

A Safe Way to Deal with Triggers

“Trigger.” That’s a word we hear a lot these days. Triggers bring on a wave of emotions, feelings, and maybe even memories unbidden and typically untimely. Inconveniently, most of the time when something strikes an old wound, a place that causes a reflexive response, it’s in a place and circumstance where we can’t deal with it.

​​We tell ourselves we’re just putting it off for today or this week. But the week turns into a month…you get the idea.

Journaling and Journal Prompts

I bought my first journal in the fifth grade. It sported a red cloth cover with white hearts on it. The inside held the deep ponderings of a pre-teen, oh and a lot about boys too ;). Journaling was my safe space to process my day, my struggles, and my emotions. Close to forty yearsContinue reading “Journaling and Journal Prompts”

Permission Slip for “Lazy”

Talking to my adult stepchildren I made a jarring discovery.  As children they thought I was lazy, languishing on the couch reading all day. It never dawned on their pre-teen brains the house was nearly always clean, they had well balanced and varied dinners, and clean clothes stacked for them to place in their dressersContinue reading “Permission Slip for “Lazy””