Holidays – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Let’s face it – the holidays are not always “the most wonderful time of the year”. They can be stressful for everyone. We’ve got societal, family, and our own unmet expectations we’re balancing.

On top of all of that, even though it’s been almost 20 years since my daughter Alison died, I still also carry the weight of her not being present during these significant family times. So through the lens of my experience here are things I try to address and do to make the holidays better:

The Text that Changed it All

Relaxing on my back patio one lazy hot July afternoon my text alert pinged, “That’s it, I’m outta here!” read the message from Ed, my close friend and colleague. Immediate jealousy coursed through me. Because it was from Ed, it carried a context. We’d encouraged each other’s fantasies around the notion of leaving our careersContinue reading “The Text that Changed it All”

5 Tips to Fill Your Cup

I made a commitment to show up in people’s inbox weekly. I did it this week, but it took me a hot minute (or 30😳), so I want to get real and chat about the ebbs and flows, the times you need your cup filled, that inevitably show up in life. If you follow me on Instagram, itContinue reading “5 Tips to Fill Your Cup”

Tearing Up in the Waiting Room

Can I tell you a story about how I’m still growing and using the tools even after 20 years?

Feeling the tears welling up in my eyes, I had a choice. I could stuff them down, ignoring what they were telling me, and power through like I had so many times before. Or I could accept that even after 20 years I found myself triggered in a public and inconvenient moment.

Coping with Child Loss

I remember just how deep your heartbreak and anguish feels right now. I know that every day you replay the minutes and hours after getting the call that our precious daughter stopped breathing at pre-school, and the day she breathed her last breath in our arms three months later. Those memories will always remain in my heart.