Falling Apart or Falling into Place

Life can be hard. Sometimes it feels like it’s falling apart, but what if it’s actually falling into place?

It’s a community for those of us who prioritize pleasure, purpose and deep meaningful connection – even while emerging from the pain of life’s storms.

It’s your place to connect with and be inspired by others who’re navigating their way to a more connected and fulfilling life. I also talk with people who’ve given me great tools and insights along my journey.

Recently so many of my daily conversations with friends, family, and colleagues seem to center around significant loss your pain and our desire for more connection and support as we each find our way to our individual paths to fulfillment, authenticity, and contributing to the greater whole.

It sparked my own vision – to provide a space for like-minded folks changing their course consciously.

If you’re still reading and feel a kernel of excitement inside, you’re my people and this is your tribe.

Pull up a seat, or put in your ear buds and join us every Tuesday for open and honest conversations.

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