The Hard Work of Healing

“We are now ready to go home and make a fresh start to a great life.” – Kimberly’s Mom

The week is broken into three over arching themes: Honoring the Past, Living in the Moment, and Embracing the Future.  A thought for the day is introduced at breakfast which is followed by a morning activity that elicits further reflection and discussion.

We come back together at the end of the day for dinner and dinner time is family time. Each dinner is created to be light hearted and natural with room for spontaneous and authentic sharing.

Each retreat includes:

  • Exercises and activities parents can place in their personal toolbox for future use
  • Facilitation of individualized activities to fit each parent’s interests and needs whether it’s relaxing on the beach or venturing out to explore the island
  • Several memorable and meaningful group outings providing parents the opportunity to honor their children together
  • Family style breakfast and dinners
  • A safe place to reminisce about a deceased child, discuss situations and gain insight from other parents who “get it”, and most importantly a chance to laugh at the small things again