Speaking Engagements: Born from dedicating years to growing through her own grief and life’s challenges, Heidi empowers others to create freedom and happiness, perceiving loss and trials as opportunities for positive change.  She keeps it real, sharing relatable stories often at her own expense.

“I have never met a person like Heidi Low, who has the ability to speak on a topic we all want to avoid, and to give positive, personally applicable tools that affect each person in the audience.” – Mary Day

Topics of her presentations include:

  • Good Grief – Embracing Life and the Importance of Good Support
  • Loss and Grief – Why it should be polite dinner conversation
  • Living in the Moment – Easier said than done?  An interactive seminar
  • Resiliency is a Choice…and a lot of hard work
  • Creating a Life you Love
  • Defining What Defines You
  • Good Grief and Grappling with Guilt

Heidi draws on her years of personal experience and working with people from around the nation in crafting her inspiring, down to earth, and practical presentations. She understands the value in offering not only overarching ideas and motivation, but concrete tips and tools for her audience to use immediately so always have a pen and paper ready!

Join her at one of her speaking events or inquire about booking her for a speaking engagement at

For the readers: You’ve found it here on this site…a regular blog covering good grief, giving good grief support, and embracing life fully after loss. You can check it out and subscribe here.

For the watchers: regular short (2-4 minute) video posts covering similar material to the blog posts on You Tube

For the Supporters: In addition to periodic blog and video posts geared towards providing support, we’ve got a web page with ideas and a downloadable pdf at the bottom just for you!

For Bereaved Parents: Ohana means family and an oasis is a refuge.   Ohana Oasis a non-profit which provides its services free of charge to parents.   Its primary service is giving a safe and peaceful space for bereaved parents to begin a new way of life through weeklong retreats.  Retreats create a revitalizing personal experience for each parent, as well as a safe space to be with others who have gone through the painful death of a child. Through Ohana Oasis they can hear and share their own fears, struggles, questions, joys and hopes echoed by others.

For the doers (and supporters):  We have a workbook of ‘Ohana Oasis retreat exercises! It’s an eight-week course with detailed instructions walking the person through Honoring the Past, Living in the Moment, and Embracing the Future.  (supporters – this could be a great resource to give your grieving loved ones)

You’ve gone through the worst…  Losing a loved one is never easy and the process of grieving is hard work.  It can feel like a lonely road with no map on how to get back to feeling freedom and happiness.​ You find yourself feeling stuck even though you want to get to a place of joy, hope and happiness with every fiber of your being.  It is possible. It’s hard work, but it is possible.

This eight week workbook leads you step by step through the process of:

  • Honoring the Past – Remembering your loved one and recognizing how they’ve made a lasting impact on you and others

  • Living in the Moment – Learning and implementing skills to live fully and freely in the present moment

  • Embracing the Future – Figuring out what you want from the future and how to integrate your loved one’s memory into that future vision

With the workbook you Gain:
  • Exclusive access to the exercises and activities used in popular healing retreats 

  • Detailed and clear instructions for Honoring the Past, Living in the Moment, and Embracing the Future 

  • Your very own toolbox to working through grief and rediscovering joy

The truth is honoring your loved one  doesn’t need to be done with pain. It can be done with joy and purpose.


The workbook available for  purchase* and immediate download! It is a compilation of the exercises we do each day at ‘Ohana Oasis retreats. It has been broken into weekly exercises, making it an eight-week self guided program of walking through:

  • Honoring the Past
  • Living in the Moment
  • Embracing the Future

*All proceeds go towards serving  bereaved parents on the ‘Ohana Oasis extensive waiting list.