The Power of Intention

I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to get lazy with life, making unconscious choices. It’s easy to slip from one day to the next. I get tired or bored so a Saturday winds up full of binging on popcorn and Netflix instead of getting on the water taking in the elementsContinue reading “The Power of Intention”

Good Grief Support – What NOT to do

People often say to me, “I’m afraid I’ll say or do the wrong thing, so I don’t do anything”. So today in this final good grief support message, I’ll outline the biggies of what not to do. Everyone is different, with different triggers and things that work or don’t work, but after talking with lotsContinue reading “Good Grief Support – What NOT to do”

Showing Up and Holding Space

The Haze of the first couple of years after loss is tough. Having just one or two people showing up and holding space consistently can be the difference between someone finding the strength to face grief head on or simply surviving day to day. For those of you supporting the grieving, this means setting asideContinue reading “Showing Up and Holding Space”