Post- Holiday Hangover

We just made it through quite possibly the most stressful Thanksgiving ever! No matter how you celebrated, or didn’t celebrate – can we all agree this year was different? Whether you were able to gather with friends or family or stayed isolated, the circumstances of the pandemic lent a new layer of considerations to theContinue reading “Post- Holiday Hangover”

Journaling and Journal Prompts

I bought my first journal in the fifth grade. It sported a red cloth cover with white hearts on it. The inside held the deep ponderings of a pre-teen, oh and a lot about boys too ;). Journaling was my safe space to process my day, my struggles, and my emotions. Close to forty yearsContinue reading “Journaling and Journal Prompts”

Holiday Season – Is it a Trick or a Treat?

Holy cow is it that time again already?!?  You know how I know it is?  I saw a Hallmark Christmas movie commercial ;). Then I got invited to a pumpkin carving party. So, yes it is indeed time to navigate through the sometimes complicated holiday season. No matter who you talk to, holidays appear toContinue reading “Holiday Season – Is it a Trick or a Treat?”