What I’m Reading

I read…a lot.  In fact I usually have several books going at once – at least one for growing and learning and one for pure fun.  Since most of what I learn, and consequently share has blossomed from a seed one of these books has planted I thought you might want to dig in too.  To make it easy, you can click right on the cover image to see the official write up, other reviews, and/or purchase it in any format on Amazon 🙂

For Growth:

BIG MAGIC BY ELIZABETH GILBERT “The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.” By now many have probably heard of Elizabeth Gilbert through her bestseller Eat, Pray, Love  (which I enjoyed as well btw).  She’s also writes fiction, several of which I’ve read and may write a review on later. But for today I want to share Big Magic.  Somedays I feel motivated to write and give room to creative inspiration, others I question who am I to write or think I have a creative bone in my body.  When I pick up Big Magic I am again inspired and given confidence to hammer away, to trust the process, and know I am not alone in both feeling the elusive pressure to allow something to flow out and the frustrating days of spinning my wheels and even self doubt.

THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK BY GABRIELLE BERNSTEIN – “The universe will always conspire to lead you toward solutions of the highest good when you open up to receive them.” Sure to many she’s a little woo woo, and I’m not sure how I feel about her spiritual junkie stuff she does independent of this book, however I’m on the second go around of reading it….which is saying something.  The title pretty well sums up the premise. What she does throughout the book is provide ways to relax into listening to your gut, being led by love instead of fear, and perceiving things and circumstances through a positive lens.  I appreciate her concrete tips and tools as well as her real life stories.

For Fun:

THE ALICE NETWORK BY KATE QUINN– Holy cow, I got sucked right into this one!  It has a little bit of everything I love in a fun book… historical background, intrigue, complex strong female characters, and even a little romance (albeit unconventional).  I was immediately sucked into the female spy network based in France during the first world war.  The story unfolds in a mysterious and engaging way, bouncing back and forth between shortly after WWII where we see the long lasting toll her experiences have left, as a former spy slowly unfurls her tales espionage.