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Hi, I’m Heidi!

Almost 20 years ago I held my 5 year-old daughter, Alison, in my arms while she breathed her last breath.

I knew from day one I didn’t want Alison’s death to define me, or my life. As an introvert and internal processor, I spent the next eight years reading and researching like crazy. I tried everything from therapy to energy healing and so many more things in between. Most weren’t directly related to grief, but focused on growth, my personal growth and using my deep pain as a catalyst for something good or even lots of good somethings.

One summer afternoon sitting on my back patio I had a vision for taking all I’d learned and what had worked for me to offer to other parents who felt like I did.

That vision was the beginning of Ohana Oasis, a non-profit which has now served parents from across the nation with weeklong retreats using a curriculum I created based on all the tools that worked for me.

Ten years and 15+ retreats later, alumni who’ve attended leadership retreats are now leading the retreats for new parents.

I’ve seen how taking time away from every day life, being immersed in a well thought out environment transforms lives. Now I’m making all I’ve learned available to others who have a heart centered practice they want to offer in an intimate retreat setting.

There is no one size fits all, but I’ve found tools and resources that help you discover how to offer YOUR special sauce in a retreat setting.

On the sidelines ready to show you the playbook,


Where it all started

From heartbreak to a life full of purpose, joy, and helping others. In this video about the creation of ‘Ohana Oasis you’ll see where the drive came from. I also share a few of the brutal lessons I’ve learned and experiences that formed who I am today.

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