Tips for The Haze – Part One

Because I only vaguely saw the terrain I was traveling through during The Haze, it all looked the same. It felt the same too. Yet when the mist finally started burning off I could see I was no longer in the place I’d started. The hard work had made a difference! What did that hard work look like? ...

The Haze

About a year after losing Alison and most established aspects of my life, I’d decided I’d had enough of feeling sad, of carrying around the burdens of trying to build a life. I felt I had no answers, knowing nothing but that I was going stir crazy. I didn’t want to commit suicide, but I … Continue reading The Haze

Getting Comfortable

Grief can be a sneaky thing. It can crop up when we least expect it, and sometimes when it’s most inconvenient. Before wading knee deep in it, I figured it makes sense to get as comfortable as we can with an uncomfortable topic. Knowing you have tools at the ready can help as you navigate through your days. To kick off this series, I’ll share a couple things I’ve found worked for me.

Introduction to “Good Grief – Embracing Life and Giving Good Support” (Part 1)

We as a society struggle with grief. Those who are grieving don’t talk about it, often out of fear they’ll drive others away. Those who know someone grieving are scared they’ll say the wrong thing. So we all stay silent. And yet it’s one of the few things we’re all destined to deal with with … Continue reading Introduction to “Good Grief – Embracing Life and Giving Good Support” (Part 1)


Motherhood. Unfortunately for thousands of moms every year their version is one without their child. Motherhood is a club some are excited to join and others are dragged into, it is however a club once joined we never leave willingly. For me motherhood is embracing the fact I am a mother even without a child … Continue reading Motherhood