Messy Connection

The sense of connection has been on my mind a lot recently. More particularly authentic deep connection where you feel truly seen and accepted in your entirety – the good and the messy.

It’s a tricky thing, because it’s in the hard times we feel our most messy, and also need connection the most. The tendency can be to shy away until we feel more presentable and put together AND the truest sense of connection that brings nurturing, healing, and solace comes when we can be in the messy and feel the being not alone in it.

4 Ways to Connection with Your Deceased Child

Walking into the master bathroom of my newly purchased home, I felt a little out of sorts. It wasn’t because anything was wrong, but because it was good. It’d been a fun evening. I had good friends and a good career in addition to the new home.

I spotted my jewelry box laid overturned with the lid closed on the floor. Picking it up I saw one solitary item had somehow “fallen out” – the tiny hands pin someone had given me when I was pregnant with Alison. I teared up saying, “thank you sweet pea! I love you.” It was the sign and connection with her I needed.